Wizard World Comes Through Big!

So kids, here's the deal: This is my first Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. It will NOT be my last. I will say unequivicolly that Dragon*Con has nothing on Wizard World Chicago in terms of efficiency and guest accessibility. The the first short hours of our day here, I was fortunate enough to have extended conversations with both Charisma Carpenter and none other than the Clown Prince of Podcasting, Chris Hardwick...who may be the nicest human being I have ever met...ever...did I mention ever? (More on that in the Wizard World episode of Misinformation...coming soon to an iTunes near you.)


The efficiency of this convention is mind blowing. Mind. Blowing. The "line" to get our press passes was expedient and manageable. Notice how I put the word line in quotation marks Misinformation Nation? There's a damn good reason for that. The line consisted of four people; two Geek Chic girls who were trying to find the location of their exibition table, Eric and me. Four. People. The only complaint I would have about the registration process is the absence of any type of lanyard or lamenant pass for anyone other than VIP Convention goers. Our proof of press credentials consists of a wristband not unlike those used to gain admission to carnival rides or to provide proof that you are old enough to drink at a beach themed dance club. This trivial complaint was pretty much all I could muster after an entire day walking the convention floor and getting a lay of the land. This convention is awesome...and I'm tired...and hungry. I'm going to Hooters. More tomorrow from Wizard World Chicago Comic Con! Love you.


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