Wizard World Chicago Comicon 2013 - Day #2 Part I

Wizard World 2013 – Day 2 Part I

Hello from Wizard World Chicago Comic Con Misinformation Nation!  Eric and I started this morning off with a trip down to the fitness center for some empty stomach cardio on the treadmills.

Comic cons truly are the place where worlds collide.  The amounts of different that we saw while getting our morning workout in were truly…in a word…magical.

Approximately 5 minutes in to our workout, either a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband wife pair dropped in for their morning workout.  The woman decked out in her capris style yoga pants and athletic top, the man decked out in…jeans and work boots.  Seriously, like straight off the job site work boots.  They both popped on the treadmills and away they went.  Her jogging and him walking and watching the news…Fox News. 

Now, my gut reaction was that this was some over protective mouth breather, who couldn’t let his woman out of his sight for more than 12 seconds.  As usual, I was wrong.  At some point in the half hour, the couple was having a discussion about something on the news, and Eric piped in to help them out with a question they were debating.  All three of them had a hearty laugh and everyone was all smiles.  This reminded me of something:  “Hey douchebag, don’t make assumptions at the con.” 

The people here are people.  They’re just like you and me.  That’s why we come here.  That’s why we enjoy it so much.  Sure, there are clouds of ‘Con Funk’ to walk through and plenty of people who didn’t bother showering for the occasion.  Mostly, though, convention goers are here for the experience.  The chance to be around folks with a similar interest, and the chance to be surrounded by the things which give them joy in the monotony of their regular lives.

So, don’t be a dick.  The people here are awesome.

Also, Jason Priestley was on the stationary bike next to us.  No big deal.



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