Wizard World Chicago Comicon 2013 - Day #1

Wizard World 2013 – Day 1

After a brief hiccup on Interstate 90 on our way in to Rosemont thanks to a destroyed Chevy Cavalier, Wizard World Chicago Comic Con is already off to an amazing start.  Eric and I had a trouble free check in to our fantastic hotel room in sunny Rosemont, IL.  (Exact location, super-secret.)

The first day of the convention is perfect to get your bearings and establish a nice solid lay of the land.  This year, the convention lay out is kind of cumbersome.  The Donald F. Stephens Convention Center has split the con to two levels directly on top of each other.  While this floor plan seems to spread the booths and venders out quite a bit and provide for wider aisles in Artist Alley, it makes for an awkward natural flow most noticeably in the vender area on the upper level.

There were not many folks in attendance on the Walk of Fame.  Former Superman and Chuck big bad Brandon Routh happily signed autographs at his table.  Eric had a quick chat with Dylan Dog himself and reports that he’s a hell of a nice guy.  Eric let drop that we were from Iowa, specifically Waterloo which led to some quick banter about the undesirable nature of our neck of the woods.  Routh seemed open to the future possibility of an interview from a couple of podcast slubs from Iowa, so here’s crossing our fingers that his agent doesn’t lose our number when we reach out.

On our walk back to the hotel, we spied Pool Hall Junkies star Michael Rosenbaum (minus Joe Spina, which is bullshit, because Joe Spina was the whole reason we came to this convention…feel bad yet Joe?) and emo empath extraordinaire Milo Ventimiglia passed us in the hotel lobby.  Morena Baccarin and Jon Heder have also been confirmed to be in attendance, so this convention is shaping up to be stellar…gosh.  Stay tuned for more coverage and quick updates kids…this one’s going to be a doozie.



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