Misinformation Episode 15: Mormon Than You!

This week finds The Guys again one man short.  Due to the devastation caused by Apocalypse '08 (pronounced aught 8), Zac enlists another accomplice in order to fill the tremendous void left by a missing Cory...and his eyebrow.  Cory's extended sabbatical allows Zac and his temporary partner in crime to wax philosophical about Mormon sex, Clowns vs. Mimes, what Zac would...or wouldn't...do for Snickers, and the lucrative nature of mobile hot dog sales.  The gauntlet is thrown down to forced volunteering and a challenge is set forth to our listeners.  Will YOU answer the call?  Plus, the deluge provides a new horticultural opportunity, monetary divorce preparedness and planning is outlined, Zac name drops a Last Comic Standing participant, Ken Plume is again courted...and much much more!

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