Misinformation Episode 13: The Oceanic 815 Episode

The Newest Episode is BACK up!  (Originally posted May 10, 2008)

A "Lost" episode surfaces. During an unscheduled break in recording a very important episode of Misinformation rises from the depths. As The Guys fear an impending Armageddon, Zac reveals the devious plan of the Irish to Cory, hoping not to emotionally devastate him. The blight on the skin of seedy establishments everywhere, the bad strip club, is discussed, and wheel chair beauty pageants are contemplated. Announcements! They're made, they're discussed, tell us what you think. Also, The Guys recount stories of their respective brushes with greatness as they reach out to the venerable Ken Plume. Take us home with you Monsieur Duck. Please.

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