Misinformation 69: Huh. Huh. Huh huh huh.

This week, Adam returns from the void to share a story of his youngest child's "return to the wild", Zac has a very important epiphany, and Weller holds on for dear life.  Jenni's ire is raised by a neighborhood bully and Zac shares the story that has now made him scared...of her...

The Smitty's Remote Recording and Dragon*Con fundraiser is discussed and a big announcement is made regarding Misinformation's expansion to another medium.  Plus much MUCH MORE!



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  • dtcb

    HOLY FRIGGIN CRISIS!!! You’re lucky Adam didn’t reach over and “sssssla-P!” you.

    Nice to have Adam back by the way!

    Oh, I have kimchi in the fridge.

    Diapers. Diapers is what it smells like. Diapers.

    Weller, please do not go through with the ‘mysterio’ dump in public. I’ve seen a bad thing similar to that project. Phantom Shitters are to be despised not emulated.

    WTF!!????? Z, your kids are getting mauled! Damn girls! I’m gonna warn you; I was accosted/molested by girls/women at an early age and look how I turned out. Glad Jenni is putting the hammer down! And Weller is totally right: “better to be a bitch/bastard than a doormat.” I can’t believe that girl fronted on asking for $50. What a shithead! $50 bucks says her home is ‘a bad place’.

    Wow Z, the Notebook, I have no idea but every episode of 90210……………Gaaaaaaay!

    That area, belly button to clit, the gunt. Gut+cunt = gunt.

    I also call “Gay!” on the Oklahoma stage hottie smooch with no stimuli. You filthy liar. You had a boner.

    Aug 17, 2009 at 4:23 am
  • weller

    You can rest easy Dan, I have zero intension of going through with public defecation- I was merely pointing out I thought it would be possible to pull off without anyone noticing until after the act.

    Aug 18, 2009 at 6:44 am