Misinformation 62: Pale Rider

This week, The Guys are on their respective family vacations, but don't worry; they planned ahead and prepared an episode in advance of their travels.  And as a bonus, The Guys recruit a friend new to the podcasting medium...yes...for you...and your entertainment...

Odd pet behavior is discussed, Tootsie Pop lore is examined, and masturbatory habits are revealed...in detail...we apologize.  Really.  We're VERY sorry.

Also, Zac, Weller, and Special Guest Jim discuss attaching their visage...visages...visagi (?) to sex toys...

Look...we already said we were sorry.  What more do you want?

Plus much MUCH MORE!



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  • dtcb

    No Zac! No Golf Commentary! AAAAAAGH my ears! Man whispering in my ear! Bad touch! Bad touch! Your mic works too well. My ear hair wilted!

    Thank god for your dog chucking his guts. Must have heard you whispering sweet sex golf scores!

    I’ve never seen Blossom or Six. I guess I’m just a few years older and missed that. But, I understand Weller’s analogy. I could not help but watch “321 Contact” when I was a kid.

    Hot pink suspenders……ok coooool. No, no, no. Hot Pink was never cool. The only things that Hot Pink is acceptable on are dildos and gum. Not clothing.

    Sad to hear there is no gum in cards anymore. I loved crappy 80’s candy too.

    Wow, love the candy wrapper story. Your parents must have laughed in the car before sending you in. buggers.

    “that’s where I’m kinda going with this……” that’s the line where I said, “hmm should I pause this?” I should have. I should have. I now have to wonder exactly where Weller’s mind was when he was having wet dreams. I’m guessing a 3 ring circus was in there somewhere. On that note: Wonder Woman, Wilma Deering, and Batgirl. that is all. Weird, I’m 38 and I’ve had a wet dream or two still. I agree with Zac; it usually happens when you go through a long session of sex and then a dry spell. Or, been wound up and wound up and not afforded a moment to crank off and then bloosh!

    Zackchy you woman!! Never pissed in the shower! I’ve peed on someone in the shower! You cannot be serious? There is nothing wrong with peeing in the shower. I can’t believe people have hangups about this? You wash your ass with your hands in the shower; do you really think the pee is the worst thing going on?

    15 minutes is enough to get the job done. People who want to last for hours; tend to either have an agenda (going through a bucket list of positions), are high, or can’t make him/her cum. Worst thing about sex; is when you find a woman who wants to hold the moment just before coming and make that last. “Stop, stop, stop….go, go, go. Now let me move, hold still.” Aaagh! Just come woman or I’m going to donkey punch…then blow. That is torture. You know she’s close; your close, we’re supposed to go off together and she tries to hold off to make it last. torture, torture, torture. evil woman. (forget I said that)

    and damn you for singing again Zachkily; even Fresh Prince. What did we say about singing!!!??? Weller, just for me, next time “give in to your hate” and slap! Go Slap Happy!!!

    Webster, Punky Brewster? You poor bastards! I’m so glad I was too old to watch those shows.

    Weller with no porn in a hotel room; sketching porn on their notepad! Ha! Ha! Ha! Can’t believe you convinced those guys to drive home early? ……………….and then the TV explodes! Aaha ahahhaaa! I’m pissing laughing! You’re such a card! I’d bet the scream was heard 2 blocks away. That is some kind of Karma.

    If only you were morally deprived. You would have pulled out the big dong in the closest bar and said; “who thinks they can handle this? Any takers?”…..”Ok, you and you, but not you or you or you sir.” “Let’s go.”

    “I sat in that bean bag chair!!!!! Oh god!” -beautiful Z. I hope the thought of her diddling her cooch while she spray’s shit everywhere burns into your soul….FOR SINGING!

    What kind of reception doesn’t have booo——–mormons oooooh…..that’s horrible.

    Thanks for the Misinformation guys! And the mental scaring! It’s better than doing it myself! Keep up the great work!

    Jun 18, 2009 at 4:38 am
  • Scottbob75

    Great podcast, though I am only 22, I loved Six (Jenna Von Oy)! By the way, JK is not the only one to listen to Misinformation while he mows the lawn. I love read dtcb comments on the WHOLE cast. Man, I really need more to say, but whatever. I will keep my ear out for the next mixer!

    Jun 20, 2009 at 11:37 am