Misinformation 56: Unleash the Beast

This week, The Guys work as a trifecta to discuss a return to a classic formula for an old friend, Weller's social indiscretion, the possibilities of time traveling BACK to high school with the knowledge they have now, Beth, Sally, and Weller's...overwhelmingly positive...attribute and reason for Zac to hate him...more...perhaps revealing the true reason for The Guys' fixation on a certain topic.

Also, Weller has a balls to the walls health scare, culminating in a very awkward conversation with Zac's ex-girlfriend's mom.  Adam introduces himself, crazy women are discussed at length...again...plus much MUCH MORE...THIS is MISINFORMATION!


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  • dtcb

    Hooray, you have a beverage!…….Keep it away from the mic you CHUD!!!!! I don’t care if you are guzzling it off of Jessica Alba’s ass, I don’t want to hear it.

    Weller, you threw Adam under the bus. Rightly so, “she’s a very nice girl….” what a softy. Aaaaand Zac is right, the clothes will come off if you keep meeting her like this. Pi-owe!

    All Kenny Loggins sound track! I hate agreeing with Weller but, he’s right. I wonder where he is know too.

    Weller, no high five out of the office like Zac says for your bumpy balls; but you should have told her: “I guess I just had the male equivalent to a mammography.” And no it’s not homophobic to be concerned with someone diddling with your balls like that. Even gay guys would not enjoy it. It’s not lust, it is creepy clinical inspection like “hmmm, interesting….” or “wow, that’s not supposed to happen.”

    Zac’s right Weller…..she’s sabotage. sabotage. Thank god you are out of that bear trap.

    Adam…..Adam is a hero, recycled gifts! That’s pure evil. (not as bad as your ex - “sword mouth” but evil).

    I can’t believe Weller was with the same girl throughout highschool and the rest of you guys were bounce dating. I would have thought the opposite for some reason.

    I never dated any girl my friends dated; and vice-versa. No idea if that was on purpose or not.

    My highschool dating was probably the reason I’m so wrong now. First woman I really dated was freshman year and she shagged me crazy almost every day for 3 months then dumped me. Then she proceeded to screw upper classmen and college guys slut-tastically (and then, later stalked me later when she was ‘tainted goods’….ugh). By my junior year, I was dating a teacher 2 towns over. You have no idea how hard it was to finally get her oingo boingo with me. The whole; “you’re a minor!” thing. And, I took her to my Junior prom! My parents were openly horrified. Senior year

    Oh my god, there is no way I could figure out any of the women I dated by going down on them. You guys are crazy! Maybe a few who “stood out” with some sort of uniqueness, good or bad, but no way all of them. Although there were definitely quite I few I wouldn’t mind returning to the scene of the crime.

    Yes, I agree……..69 is strategically dangerous. I have totally avoided it for years.

    And I don’t have a big dong and have done the pile driver. I don’t think that being huge a requirement for the manuever. But, and I know this wayyyyyy too much information, I have to do a reverse pile driver. My thang does not bend when it’s up for business. Ridiculously rigid. I can hang half my wardrobe off it without yielding. I have handed a girl her winter coat and her purse that way once (purse was under the coat so I could say “oh and here’s your purse!”) So the pile driver for me is some weird reverse pile driver semi push up position (isn’t asia great). But, i’m not a fan of the position and only done it a few times when women want to try it. Yes, during sex I have had at least one instance where she slid of the bed and was in the position and said: “fuck me this way!” How do you say, “nah it’s not as good.” ?? You make it happen.

    I’ve heard the “I’m too big.” argument a few times from other people. I’ll tell you though, its not the condom breaker. My regular size ding dong has broken way too many condoms (and I’ve heard similar stories) and I totally recommend to all to stay away from “Durex” condoms. they break way too often. Condom quality is definitely an issue. They do make some condoms too small even for regular guys. Okamoto ultra thins over here are dick stranglers (even for Zac). I had one on and it ‘got stuck’ in a very uncomfortable way. Let’s just say the swelling wouldn’t go down. Had to tear it apart.

    Sooo, with all the info raising bile in your stomachs I will bid adou! Thanks again for another laugh out loud podcast!!!

    May 8, 2009 at 2:35 am
  • Weller

    One of my biggest pet peeves are people who live in the past as in “I was an all state quarterback in high school. I set five school records until I blew out my knee. I should be in the pros right now.” I hate that guy and for that reason I hate all high school talk. In this case I can make an exception because 99.9% of people had no clue on dating in high school. I remember wanting to die when I lost phone privileges for a week and couldn’t call my girlfriend. I have to laugh at that now. I honestly didn’t want to have the size discussion. As an above average male I am happy, but there is a massive range in being big. I have seen freakshow big and I am not anywhere near that level. Luckily 99% of our listeners are male, so I shouldn’t have any future expectations to fulfill. Awhile back I read an article in a magazine about various condoms in the world. Japan makes the thinnest condoms in the world (more sensation) but size wise they are the smallest (ouch) The Japanese make us amazing cars and electronic equipment, why can’t they make bigger rubbers to export?

    May 8, 2009 at 3:48 pm
  • misinformation

    You shut up right now.

    May 8, 2009 at 5:46 pm