Misinformation 53: Clusterhump

This week, The Guys are joined by stalwart fans and allies Rob, from Limited Edition Comics and Dana from...Cedar Falls.  That puts 6 people in the studio and "on" mic...oh...the humanity.  The Guys and their guests hold a post mortem for the Misinformation Mixer '09 and then delve into discussions of an imitation Voltron's penis, smote vs. smited, and whether or not holocaust jokes will send them to hell.  Rob voraciously assaults his and Dana's shared microphone, Weller drops a new sexual fetish, Eric catches FIRE (seriously...we almost titled this one Eric-cast), Adam pays very little attention, and Brutus does his Scheckie impression...all while Jenni and Mrs. Adam look on helplessly from across the room.  Jenni also takes this opportunity...or beer-or-tunity...eef you wheel...to speak at length...plus much MUCH MORE!  All on this episode and a half segment.  THIS is MISINFORMATION!

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