Misinformation 50: Golden Fifty - Part 1


This week all of The Guys reunite for a Misinformation milestone.  The Guys utilize this momentous occasion to discuss Hooters.  Do you really ever need a reason?  Zac discusses his Watchmen...well, watching, experience as Eric listens on, sad that he has not...well...watched.  The Guys remember fondly the Camp Snoopy and discuss what creative tatoo they would be willing to sport...for a price.  The discussion of Mall of America brings back hurtfull memories for Eric while Adam pokes sticks...because he does that.  Weller's scary date situation is alluded to before Zac and Eric try their damnedest to get Weller and Eric fired.  None of this summary is in chronological order, because we're a little rattled by the fact that we've lasted 50 episodes...really.  The Misinformation Mixer '09, mall kids, Crossroads Mall, T-shirt design contest, plus much MUCH MORE!  Part 1 of 2...oh yes...there will be more, with SUPRISES!

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