Misinformation 48: A Plethora Abounds

This week The Guys discuss how many it takes to attain a few for several minutes.  Recent developments begin to turn bloody a rivalry, especially after a post recording revelation. (More on this next week.)  The Glitter Contest winner is announced this week, changing a lucky listener's fortune by awarding a reward from the prize closet...oh, the spoils.  The Misinformation Mixer '09 is discussed; briefly this time.  Quality and the expectation of such is discussed and a battle gauntlet (as opposed to a huggie lovey gauntlet) is thrown down against naysayers and poo pooers the world over.  Rants, cursing, comedy, beer, plus much MUCH MORE!


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  • dannah

    I have to say I loved this one. It made me laugh so much harder than normal. I also rather liked the lack of listener mail. I wish I could make it to the mixer, but living in Dallas prevents the travel. Besides it would be my luck if I came to your mixer and didn’t visit my mother. She’d find out. She has spies.

    Mar 9, 2009 at 2:01 pm
  • misinformation

    We will not be doing away with the listener mail entirely…we will simply be collecting it for mailbag episodes sprinkled around. Maybe even little 30 minute eps devoted exclusively to listener mail. We’re VERY glad you enjoyed the show! Thanks for listening!

    Mar 9, 2009 at 8:24 pm
  • dtcb

    Good podcast guys! Weller, props to you for your dedication. Sounded like a great concert. glad you guys got another episode out.

    Wow Z, sticking it in before you get the engine started. “Grrr. Harder! Grrr.”

    Man sorry I can’t come to the social. It sounds like it will be a blast.

    Watchmen is coming out in Hong Kong today. I have only one other friend in Hong Kong that has read Watchmen so we’re going on a bro-date to go see it. Plus there is a bottle of rum coming with us to the movie to put in our soda. We’re like Z, we don’t give a rats ass for anything but entertainment. We don’t have some sort of wacky expectations for the film.

    Z is a net junky. could be worse.

    You could be a hong kong cop who got caught cranking one out in a see through dress and fishnet stockings. Montecarlo is in Gibraltar.

    Good luck in finding somebody who listens who’s “somebody.”

    I’ve definitely mentioned your show to a few people already.

    I agree with Weller, having sex with a pregnant woman (especially 8 month) just feels kinda creepy.

    Thank god……you didn’t sing at the end. Thank god.

    Mar 12, 2009 at 1:43 am