Misinformation 46: Fanboys Reloaded

This week The Guys announce the date, time, and incentives for attending the Misinformation Mixer '09 and reveal a new contest that could be beneficial for all...yes ALL!  Eric brings forth another tale of his sibling's love for all God's creatures, Adam sits on the couch, and Zac devolves the conversation into a critique of this season's American Idol.  A fan boy moment is shared and a televised disappointment is discussed.  The Guys then take a moment to sing the praises of Smitty's Bar.  It's a wonderful place.  Plus, Limited Edition Comics and Collectibles on College Street in Cedar Falls, IA is given its due.  Seriously, Rob...you're like a smack dealer...a smack dealer who trades in comic book goodness...but $180 over two days...you worked some kind of glamour on us...seriously...

Plus much MUCH MORE!

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