Misinformation 44: Don’t Hurt My Boy!

Don't hurt my boy!  The Guys suffer when one half the duo mends a broken heart and the other attempts to spill blood in the name of friendship.  Weller joins the information age and makes a clean break from his dependence on Mommy for his Internet needs.  Zac unveils The Magic Box 2, his finely tuned machine which eliminates any hate spew that he has for the technical phase of recording during this very special, friend love extolling, Jezebelle deriding episode.  Also, sit back and marvel as Weller unveils his plan for an early retirement...all while The Guys take a beer drinking tour AROUND THE WORLD...this one's a doozy!  Beer is defended, lines are crossed, curses are spewn.  It gets bad...but life is good...

...Plus much MUCH MORE.

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