Misinformation 43: Back to Basics

This week The Guys go back from whence they came.  Arguments, rants, incorrect information, oh my.  Weller rights a former wrong...twice, Adam contributes...with actual thoughts, and Zac expounds upon an opinion...to loss of breath and flux capacitor throbbing glory.  A Misinformation interactive event is planned, Canadian Ryan contributes, and Cabin Fever is thanked...sort of...plus much MUCH MORE!  It's fun.  It's entertainment.  It's Misinformation.


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  • dtcb

    just went through #43. damn. how cruel. cabin fever is pimping you guys. Phitzy is your Huggy Bear.

    And I can’t believe you guys wax retarded about chicken’s having periods. Don’t you think with the 100’s of millions of chickens in this world; that if they had periods, someone would mention? Zac, there would be jokes left and right about it. Look, how many animals have you heard of with bleeding vag? A. if there was any; it would only be mammals. No birds or reptiles. B. How well do you think bleeding would go down in the wild? All animals absorb their period. Really. Have you ever seen a nature show where a dozen vultures and hyenas were following the trail of some elephants period? It’d sure as fuck come up! Bob Barker would be puking his guts every show.

    And athletic women, same thing. Trust me ask. Most women who are pro atheletes have a much longer menstrual cycle. My buddy beth was a semi pro bodybuilder and she’d have 1 period every 4 months give or take. My exgirlfriend did ballet and she went a whole 10 months one time…

    Maybe I’m retarded for thinking this shit was common knowledge. I was flabergasted when you guys first started talking about it in #42.

    I disagree about the nukes part. we are scared to see pakistan or iran with nukes because they are crazy jihad nutjobs; not because we couldn’t wipe out their country 10 times over with what we have available. There are at least a dozen [URL=”http://navsource.org/archives/08/658/0874134.jpg”]”Sherwood Forests”[/URL] swimming around the oceans just waiting to drop some glass parking lots at any given time.

    But I agree to some extent with the gun part. to some extent. US needs guns. But, I agree with Adam, too many retards have guns. There should be a testing system for people before they are allowed to own a firearm. And there should be justification for the type of firearm. Firearms are tools not toys. You want to collect classic firearms, fine. Take the test. You want to own an Assault Rifle. Justify it.

    you guys. you guys make me laugh out loud every damn show. i salute you. When the poop stories came out; I burst out laughing a dozen times. Weller’s story made me cry laughing. Hands down; worst lady toilet story I have ever heard. Hands…..freakin…..down. And I’m 38 and live in Asia. I’ve seen people taking dumps on the side of the street with leperous chickens hovering around to peck at it.

    University with unisex bathrooms wrecked the feminine perfect for me. nothing worse than seeing panted toes in the next stall and being nose and ear raped by what’s coming from the stall. *shiver*

    Great cast. thanks,


    Feb 2, 2009 at 11:38 pm
  • Weller

    You are now the second confirmed person to cry at that story. Six years later the best I can do is smirk.

    Feb 3, 2009 at 7:19 pm