Misinformation 36: Holmes Sweet Home

This week The Guys are joined by a guest host - Comedian Mike Holmes.  Mike brings stories from the land of debauchery and celebrity that is L.A.  The Guys discuss post Thanksgiving gluttony, Last Comic Standing, Iliza Schleserammadingerbooberifficus, L.A. homeless vs. Chicago Homeless, and the L.A. comedy scene.  Also, a new story of the douchebaggery of Eric's brother is shared, from a third party...as in NOT Eric...as in someone else...who thinks his brother is a douche...just sayin'.  Plus much MUCH MORE!


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  • dtcb

    Another great podcast. Hope the comedy show went well.

    On a person note about hobos (ie the homeless); I can’t stand them. Specifically, North American homeless. I have more sympathy for seal clubbers. Something about an able bodied person (and most north american bums are) walking around begging for money irks the hell out of me. Live at a shelter, get a job at McDonalds. I don’t care how you got to be hobo, crack, abuse, etc.; just get off your lazy ass and get out of it. Stop trying to milk me for cash. At least, the homeless in Asia are guys missing both arms, half melted from a boiler accident, or lepretic. When I’m in the US and some 20 something jackass walks up to me and asks for a dollar; I want to pull a gun and shoot them in the dick.

    Homeless Haiku:

    smelly wants free cash I give the taste of shotgun funeral home now

    Let mike holmes know I fondled his myspace.

    Awesome chug Story Weller!!!


    Dec 10, 2008 at 12:47 am
  • Canadian Ryan

    Looks like Weller has competition for his title now.

    Dec 15, 2008 at 6:30 pm
  • misinformation

    It shall only make him angrier and more bad boy…ish.

    Dec 18, 2008 at 2:29 pm