Misinformation 33: Peeping the Peelers

This week The Guys make a pilgrimage to the land of ample bossums and visit the exotic establishment known as, the Titty Bar, the Shaker Shack, The Peeler Palace...ok, it's the Strip Club.  Due to their visit to the den of boobies, a strange adventure unfolds requiring one of The Guys to give a steadfast demonstration of his will.  Meanwhile, new Haiki were written...or more appropriately...new Haiki were crafted.  News about an aforementioned celebrity guest, a new celebrity listener, a rough draft of The Relationship Contract, plus much MUCH MORE!


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  • dtcb

    Another great show! (except for the dead air during Z’s Turkey hunt……hmmmmm turkey). Mongolian bbq restaurants rock! But, that’s pretty much all they got. Trust me; you definitely don’t want to eat some of their other food. Like yak butter tea…….fucking blargh! I can’t believe they make you wait. that’s retarded. Have they not heard of “take a number?”

    Sounds like Z may be a little gay for TFI cast team?;)

    My god I haven’t been to a strip club in a thousand years. your convo on it reminded me why. Had a friend in college who use to strip. She could earn $700 bucks in one night. she paid for college stripping. She’d never tell us where she stripped though.

    Worst stripper experience: “Hey Dan!” “Oh, Hi Pam…..” She was a girl I use to have a crush on in Highschool, and she was stripping. Last person on earth I would have thought would be stripping. I went to a club with my buddy when I came home from college for a visit. She was such a nice person; it was a bit crushing to see her stripping and the conversation with her was ackward.

    Aahh Weller/Adam what are you doing? Fill in the dead air! Fill it!

    Weller, its not cum. She’s possibly pissing while cumming. women definitely can blow a load but, it’s not a darn fountain. Without too much detail let’s just say I have a very long tongue and am now slightly ‘adverse’ to going down on girls.

    Nov 14, 2008 at 4:03 am
  • Weller

    To clarify- the experience I was referring to was not a firehose/take out anything in 1,000 yards gush. It was after she had several orgasms and when I pulled out (wearing a rubber) there was a clear/white fluid all over my sheets. The stain was massive and did not smell of urine. As she went to the bathroom she dripped onto several of my belongings. Hope that clears things up. -Weller

    Nov 14, 2008 at 10:55 pm
  • misinformation

    And there you have it…straight from the horse’s…erm…mouth?

    Nov 15, 2008 at 12:14 pm