Misinformation 314: Gonna Get Real Sick

This episode, The Guys are still social distance recording.  Zac has had the Covid 19 vaccine and it did not go as planned.  He also shares how he was wronged by one of his favorite beer companies (Shiner, yes...it's Shiner).  Zac gets a great birthday present in the form of donations to his favorite charity (Alive and Running Iowa).  Eric has a very different opinion of WandaVision than Zac does.  Zac straight pimps Letterkenny to Eric before revealing a big time cameo on the show.  Zac expresses his complete romantic love for a PS4 game (The Last of Us 2) with promises to let Eric borrow it.  Gotcha, a-hole internet videos, Justice League (Snyder Cut), Marvel's The Falcon and Winter Soldier, plus MUCH MORE!  THIS is MISINFORMATION! Also Available on iTunes!

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