Misinformation 296: Not For Us

This episode, The Guys are back for a two hour episode!  Misinfo Studio 2.2 gets its first official run in order to bring you Zac and Eric’s review of Black Panther.  It might make you mad.  If you don’t want spoilers, you should probably skip to the thirty minute mark.  The Misinformation Technical Minute that you didn’t ask for is back thanks to Zac’s internet provider being stupid.  Zac and Eric discuss Oregon Excursion 2019 The Guys are inviting extra guys to have a HUGE guys’ trip.  Eric has an opportunity to make the C2E2 trip much cheaper…and doesn’t, much to Zac’s chagrin.  The best way to remember your pillow, Eric points out why Zac hates a character on The Office, labels, plus much MUCH MORE!        


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