Misinformation 28: Sticky Kitty

Misinformation 28:  Sticky Kitty

This week, The Guys discuss the awesomeness of cutting the umbilical of cohabitating with the ‘rents.  Apparently Eric’s brother doesn’t share the excitement.  This leads to a dissection of why Eric’s brother is…well…how he is.  Pornography is touched upon, but not in an actual tactile way, after a quick discussion of Iron Man.  Avoid 14:00 through 18:37 if you would like to miss the spoilers!  Zac again curses Direct TV to a thousand deaths, force choking a Wookie is dreamed of…Eric and Zac totally Bill Paxton/Bill Pullman a couple of their former teachers...and much MUCH MORE!  See me mowin'...my front yard…

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