Misinformation 255: We’re Not Doing It

This episode, The Guys get active as Zac starts spring yard work and Eric prepares for his first 5K of the year.  Eric fills Zac in on George R. R. Martin’s opinions on spoilers and Zac tells everyone to shut up until they’ve written a book.  Eric works out a rant explaining why famous people ARE allowed opinions.  It turns out that The Guys’ new plan for a new podcast was squashed as quickly as it was born…and they tell you why.  This all leads to a NEW new podcast idea.  #WeMade or #DontMake to have your opinion heard.  Zac tries to get caught up on S.H.I.E.L.D. without ABC, why Brock Lesnar is bad for business, Indiana, people who assume you’re racist…with no evidence, plus much MUCH MORE! 


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