Misinformation 25: Carl Laboready

Episode 25 is fixed and up and running!

Holy double length podcast!  In this Silver “Anniversary” cast, the Guys marvel as Weller is emasculated by his loaner car.  Zac treks to Gotham to see the dinosaurs, and encounters an old acquaintance, which leads to a discussion about coincidence that ends in a contest…sort of.  Hooters.  Vaginal elasticity is debated segueing to an announcement of epic mediocre proportions.  The hobo workforce is mined for talent of the technological variety before Zac gets what has arguably been coming to him for a long time.  The world learns the secret as to why Iowa’s streets are forever safe, and Pamela Anderson is lambasted.  Several over modulations, the New Ghostbusters movie, and Weller’s dangerous gamble all point to why the Guys should NEVER record another 2 hour podcast again…especially at 2am.  Plus Much MUCH MORE!

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