Misinformation 21.1: If Zombies Could Fly

The Guys are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, so Zac again seeks the help of Eric to balance the debauchery.  They tackle the definition and description of odd sexual phrases before jumping in to a conversation about tremendous weight loss.  Some time is taken to mark the passing of a Golden Girl and ponder the difficulty of besting the aerially inclined undead.  The Lost Boys are discussed, in two completely different incarnations.  Ninja Turtles are given their due respect, Eric’s cool brother is acknowledged, and Marky Mark’s brother is lambasted.  Shame on you, Donnie Wahlberg.  Shame.  On.  You.   Zac and Eric also wax philosophic about the having of cool stuffs, excluding a copy of Strange WildernessStrange Wilderness can go to hell.  It can go to hell and it can die. 

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