Misinformation 184: Back to the…er…Well

This week, The Guys unleash some hot buttony hot buttonness leading to a schooling on how man rules play in to self defense.  Zac is filled in on what the exact nature and description of the “pink slime” is before he immediately begins a discussion about the attractiveness of the animals we eat.  One of The Guys questions the logic of vending machine alarms and Eric and Zac reveal how far they’d go to help a blind man.  Eric reveals his ire regarding skin flaps and Zac opens up the subject of the 80 MPH Girl…leading one of The Guys to defend her…yes…defend her.  Are you married, tech concepts for stand up comics, the merits of man spandex, Mash-Up…plus much MUCH MORE!


Also Available on iTunes! (All Misinformation Episodes are NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes thanks to some help from our friend GitEm!)

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