Misinformation 143: Hubcaps? Really?

This episode The Guys sit in awe as the listeners produce.  BIG TIME.  The Engelbrecht Fun total is updated leading The Guys to officially announce The Wives’ Show.  Yup.  It’s happening…for better or for worse.  Due to his renewed faith in humanity, Zac pimps a couple of podcasts.  Eric and Zac brainstorm a few ways to really fancy up Flava Flav’s Chicken and Zac is visited by a television episode from the future.  The space time implications could be…catastrophic.  How far would you go with a member of the world’s oldest profession, what all fat people do, dude looks like an ugly lady, inefficient criminals, plus much MUCH MORE!


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Don’t forget to donate to Misinformation Podcast’s very first charity fundraiser.  It’s for a good cause folks.  Seriously.  Zac’s good friend Joe Englebrecht of Bondurant, IA had a major stroke approximately a month ago leaving him unable to work.  Joe and his wife Barb have four kids and a home on quite a bit of land that will require upkeep while Joe recovers.  He’s making progress every day, but we’d like to do something to help out.  Listen to the episode to find out how!  ALL PROCEEDS from donations made up until March 1st will go to Joe and Barb Englebrecht and their family.  Donation link on the right side of the page (about 3/4 of the way down)!

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