Misinformation 139: Savage Beating

This episode The Guys pull a Vice Versa as Eric is finally pushed too far.  The internet is again confronted, this time for its inability to differentiate between a “problem” and an “annoyance.”  Zac reveals Iowa’s plan to require identification in order to vote…um…so…what’s the problem?  Laziness versus Entitlement is tackled as America spirals into the ailment which may be its ultimate downfall.  The Guys then look into using negative things to a person’s advantage and explain to people that if it’s truly your passion, you shouldn’t be crying about it on Facebook all the time.  You gotta start somewhere, stock market boom vs. internet boom, porn addiction, gay marriage, plus much MUCH MORE in this EXTRA LENGTH episode!


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  • satanbiscuit

    Minus the the first 10 or so minutes dealing with those ass blasters podcast, Misinfo cast is in full force guys. Awesomeness gushes forth into my earholes and makes me happy. Oh and as a bi-polar person in remission who actually lives his life, I can not agree more with Zac’s stance on the subject. Keep it up you crazy fucks.

    Feb 10, 2011 at 6:39 pm