Misinformation 122: Limited Edition

Happy Halloween!  As our gift to you, enjoy this week's show, extra long...and EXTRA early!

This week finds The Guys recording LIVE at Limited Edition Comics and Collectibles in Cedar Falls, IA.  Zac and Eric experience a convention type atmosphere that can't be sabotaged...even by drunk college douchebags.  Worlds collide as drunk college girls actually run TO comic book guys.  A line is drawn in the sand between the “cool“ side of the street and the decent side of the street as The Guys realize what it truly feels like to be among their own.  Nipple slips, fisting, Big Al, Garth Ennis‘s debauchery, plus much, MUCH MORE!


Don’t forget about Matt Lees LIVE at Smitty’s Bar 709 Jefferson Street in Waterloo, IA.  Saturday Oct. 30!

Also available on iTunes!

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