Misinformation 117: It’s Time for a Palavr

Misinformation 117:  It’s Time for a Palavr

This week, The Guys are joined by Jason Burns of...what was the name of that podcast again?  The Guys might mention it during the show.  Zac makes a HUGE announcement about the Misinformation Discussion Forum before trying to completely alienate the entire terrestrial radio community.  America’s litigious society is examined raising the question, “How much is your life worth.”  Let’s have us a palaver, plus much MUCH MORE!


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  • dtcb

    Hoooray! Was hoping you guys squeaked in another episode before Eric’s wedding.

    Jason mashes up well………..like the fruity flavours in gum. Hey, hey, gey! Seriously though, I knows how to spots the gays……in my hot chino short shorts. He’s definitely a great contributor. If only he was podcasting over there in the Midwest with some of his other nerd friends……hmmm.

    the hack to Jason’s system were probably automated. script kiddies combing the net for breaches. anything. datamining.

    remind me to never purchase games in your town……..unless one of you guys are behind the counter.

    again, glad to hear you guys still slinging away!

    Congrats to Eric! I assume he’s dun’ hitched now. Yeeehaw! (or as they say out hear “RrreeeAaawww!”

    Sep 29, 2010 at 3:48 am