Misinformation 115: Just a Good Ol’ Boy

This week, The Guys reunite as Eric returns from Wizard World Chicago.  Eric reveals the most congenial (We’re not looking at you Nicolas Brendon) and least congenial (We’re looking at you Nicolas Brendon) celebrities encountered at the Con.  Zac reveals the story of his most embarrassing life moment, in vivid detail.  It’s really pretty sad folks, his shame remains.  The announcement The Guys have been promising for a few weeks, is…announced, Eric regales with stories of Con goers‘ foibles, Adam West’s oddness is detailed, business advice is given, plus much MUCH MORE!


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  • dtcb

    Forego Chicago Con Zac! I’m sure it’s nice but, we were staying at the PeachTree and it was Steampunked out! All the steampunk panels were in our hotel (along with Whedonverse panels). So the con has expanded beyond the other hotels to the Peachtree as well. Folks were telling me it gets bigger every year but, I saw nothing wrong with the volume of folks that were there. course that could just be me being used to Asian capacity crowds. Seeing steampunk R2’s, Boba Fett’s, Halo guys and Ghostbusters was really a blast. I love the look. I’ll most likely stay in the Westin Peachtree again next year. Unless Phitzy and Ian want to stay closer in. Can’t help it; I’m seriously tempted to put my reservations in nowish, just to lock myself into the target. You guys were missed.

    Sep 21, 2010 at 12:27 am