*Announcement* Misinformation *Announcement*…

Friends, fans, loyal countrymen, listeners around the globe...and the Irish. Due to the high energy and zaniness of the show, things got a little out of hand a couple of times. Some folks took things that were said on an old show very personally, even though they were not said with any harm intended and strictly for entertainment. Cory felt very bad about the fact that feelings were hurt and has decided that in order to preserve friendships, and as a gesture of good will towards those offended, he will be stepping away from Misinformation. Cory will be greatly missed, and his personal dynamic is irreplaceable, however, the show WILL go on. Misinformation will return next week as Zac continues to bring you entertainment through discussion of all the universe's issues...with a new co-host! Good luck with everything Cory, Misinformation will not be the same with out you!


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