Misinformation 47: Granny Panties

This week The Guys examine Weller's internet dating prospects...his "connections" may not be what you expect.  The Guys then delve into drunk sex (not with each other...suprisingly), a story is shared about an anal experience, and a vocal change not for the weak of heart.  Zac attempts to sell Weller on the benefits of dating a young grandma...oh the possibilities.  The male equivalent of Valentines Day is discovered.  Buy your steaks now ladies, it's BJ time!  The count down to Misinformation Mixer '09 begins, listener mail, and much MUCH MORE!


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  • dtcb

    OH my god weller! Oh the online dating hell weller! brutal! If she was a hot 38 you would totally do it; and then the double header potential (mommy and 20 something daughter who’s already pushed out babies). Plus, when a 38 year old says “she wants to try new things” that means way more kinky than Z’s “buttsex” comment. I can only see hijinxs ensuing with this. And definitely somewhere near “gypsy cabbage”. Don’t be such a shit about kids. You’re thirty for Christsakes!!!! Man up! Once you roll past thirty, most will have kids unless you don’t mind dating younger women. and even then.

    Z………love…is…..not…in….the…..air. stop singing!

    Like the wacky screw stories weller. Definitely a few “dear penthouse forum” goodies, except for the fact that you seem to haplessly stumble into them. But, how in the world could you have a woman apologize for anal sex? Coward! I’m with Z; if it’s sexy for her it’s sexy for me. Course, that has backfired……lingus of an unmentionable kind. I will say nothing more.

    You twats definitely need regular pictures. Except you Z, your picture is just fine (no I don’t crank out to it………..much). Group picture sounds good.

    I’ve got to say, I haven’t heard a ‘normal’ story embellished in a long time. There’s not a lot of lawn mowing/deck building around here. Although you can never, ever, ever avoid the embellished sports story. I’ve had an Indian guy sit there and wax nostalgic about how good a bowler he was in college, that he could smack a beer off a wicket without touching anything. It took every ounce of kindness left in my soul not to get up and walk away while he was talking. But, I was at a neighborhood BBQ on Saturday where a ‘normal’ story was relayed to me. An aircraft mechanic (Major Delivery Service name withheld) relaying how his ear once stuck to the side of a plane during winter in Scotland and he had to rip it away before anyone caught him in that position. He said he would have been mortified if anyone caught him stuck like that. You can see a scar on his ear where he lost a bit of it to the plane. No dramatization except for the wad of toilet paper he wrapped around his head to staunch the bleeding.

    Thanks for another great cast guys!


    Mar 2, 2009 at 3:16 am
  • Weller


    -I am up for older women, but at eight years older she had better be amazing. -I realize that women my age typically have children. I am ok with dating a mother, but that brings baggage into the relationship and if given a choice I will always pick a female without children. -For about five minutes I honestly considered e-mailing the grandma to attempt to set up a date just for the interesting experience, but judging by her interests we have nothing in common and I would most likely spend the date wishing I was at home. -Anal never interested me. I am not homophobic, I just enjoy the vagina too much to abandon it for the equivalent of a red headed step child. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and if I date someone who is really into it I will do it again, but I also would be just as happy to never return. -The sports stories are very common and annoying especially to me- I like going to live pro sporting events, but I very rarely watch sports on tv. Most annoying of all is the guy who could have gone pro, but… (fill in the blank) He is in every bar in America and I can be found trying my best to change the subject. I never understood this logic- had the right person been at the right place in any of our lives we would all be in a totally different place. -Once again thanks for the feedback- It’s nice to know our stories and rants can bring joy to others.

    Mar 3, 2009 at 7:56 am
  • dtcb

    Hell Yeah! You guys definitely are hilarious.

    Thanks, Dan

    Mar 12, 2009 at 12:18 am